4kportal.com†identifies, gathers and processes usersí information and data based on the below Privacy Policy terms. Once you decide to use our website, that automatically means you are aware and agree to our Privacy Policy terms.

? Definition of Cookies and how we handle them

Cookies are minor or small sized files usually text format stored by the browser you use to access any website on your device. Then the browser will share the specific cookies related to our website to our server only if you access or visit our website. The reason is that Cookies help us to improve the efficiency and the quality of 4kportal.com website. Cookies available within your browserís settings, however, you can always change that from your browserís settings.

? Delivery

The customer receives his delivery by email within 12 hours after payment of his order. Sometimes and due to technical circumstances, our emails may arrive in the junk email and the customer has to check this folder if he has not received his delivery on the inbox.

? Refund

The customer benefits from a 10-day refund period if the product does not meet his needs. the refund process takes 72 hours and the customer has to provide us with the reason for this cancellation as part of improving our quality.

? Which information do we collect and why

Sometimes, itís important for us to identify, collect and analyze some information regarding the pages you visit in our website, how long you stay on them and how many times you visit them, these information allows us to optimize our website and ensure that 4kportal.com continuously provides optimal user experience.

? Information usage

In fact, we learn from the information collected and use these information to increase the popularity of the different pages in our website, since becoming aware of such information help us make the necessary adjustments to the content provided in our website

? The possibility of track abuse (If occurred)

In rare cases, the law (such as court order or law enforcement agency order) mandates us to provide disclosure on some specific information we might have.

? Any Trademarks or properties claim

In Fact, all logos, slogans, trademarks or any any property found in our website (If found) are the properties of their respective merchants and owners. 4kportal.com is not associated or affiliated to any of them.

? Appropriate and necessary safety measures

Certainly, at 4kportal.com we ensure you that we only provide original Apps and APK files without any adjustments, viruses or any modifications. Nevertheless, none of your sensitive or personal information will be provided to any other third party without obtaining your permission.

? Modifications and adjustments to our Privacy Policy

Itís possible that we may adjust, change or modify our Privacy Policy terms at anytime and without any prior notice. The usage of the information we collect now is subject to the Privacy Policy effective from the information usage time. As a user or website visitor, you are bounded by all the changes to our Privacy Policy.

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